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Katie Casey

First time at Alderbrook tonight! My massage was fantastic! Very professional, clean, and relaxing atmosphere. I have already booked my next appointment!

Kelly Agopsowicz

I really enjoyed my experience at Alderbrook Health & Wellness center. Joanne was so great at making me feel comfortable during my visit. I had areas where I suffered alot of pain with and she worked wonders on them, I was sore initially but I literally had the best sleep that night, and the nights to follow, pain free. Alderbrook is such a beautiful, clean, relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be back!

Kara Hine

Beautiful atmosphere and great practitioners all around :)



Élan Ambrose reviewed

Many thanks to Alderbrook Health & Wellness Center 
and Dr. Gina.
I had my first cupping session today and I feel fantastic.
Dr. Gina is knowledgeable, kind and caring.
Alderbrook is nice and relaxing.
The decor is lovely as well.
I will surely be returning soon for further treatment.

Jennifer Rowse

I had the privilege of attending a free breastfeeding get together last night! My son had the biggest diaper malfunction and there was a mess on his sleeper, up his back, and on my leg, it was brutal! One mom helped me out and even offered to rinse off my son's dirty onsie while I washed him down, it was at this time that I felt great trust for this woman whom I just met this night. She had three children of her own so poop is poop and being a doula, she's not easily frightened. Walking into the building was an immediate sense of peace with the lay out and friendly greeting at the door. I'd recommend this place to any friends/family.

Sonia Balogh

To anyone new to Aldergrove, you must make an appointment at this place. I went to see Joanne even though I was struggling with a horrible migraine, within an hour of my massage appoinment it was like I never had one! 

I have a naturopath appointment next, very excited!

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