Certified Reflexologist

Waltraud Nikkel

Waltraud Nikkel MCSRI, RCRT,  (Germany)

Certified Reflexologist trained in a wide range of
reflexology treatments. With more than 20 years experience, she believes the
essence of reflexology is about restoring, supporting and maintaining
wellness in the body.

As a result, her practice philosophy is focused on
employing the most advanced therapeutic reflexology techniques while
grounding her approach in her clinical training as a medical professional.

During her preparation to practice reflexology, Waltraud sought out the most
respected reflexology practitioners for training and mentoring. As a result
she was taught by world-leading reflexologists including Dr. Martine
Faure-Alderson (England), the originator of cranio-sacral reflexology
therapy; Hanne Marquardt (Germany), a leading global expert in
reflexotherapy; Angela Sellens Drake (England), instructor for facial
reflexology; Dr.Manzanares M.D. (Spain) and Dorthe Krogsgaard and

Peter Lund Frandsen (Denmark), both
world renowned authorities in reflexology.

Previous to her reflexology training, Waltraud practiced as a registered
nurse in her home country of Germany. This medical foundation ensures her
approach to reflexology is firmly grounded in evidence-based outcomes and
the best practices available within the field of reflexology today. Her
practice is in constant advancement as she develops individualized treatment
plans for her clients and continues to advance her skills through continuing
education in North America and Europe.