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Joanne Nicolato

Joanne Nicolato

Joanne Nicolato graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1992. She began her practice in Langley, British Columbia, while raising 3 children with her husband Dennis in Aldergrove.


Joanne is a La Stone therapist. This technique uses hot and cold stones while massaging, to allow deep work while reducing pain during and after treatment for optimal results.  Over the years, Joanne has taken many post graduate courses that she also integrates into her treatments. 


Ten years later, Joanne opened a home base practice in Aldergrove which gave her the opportunity to be a mom and a Massage Therapist in a more relaxing atmosphere.  After participating in Aldergrove's Million Dollar Neighbourhood T.V. show, Joanne found a greater passion for her local community and it’s needs.  


Realizing her communities needs, she began the Aldergrove Pool Committee and has worked to bringing an indoor pool and recreation center to fruition.  


As Joanne’s children have grown to adults and teenagers, she found that she no longer needed to be so close to home. This gave her the opportunity to expand and bring services to Aldergrove so residents could stay in their community for services. This is how Alderbrook Health & Wellness Center began.  


Joanne believes that you must treat a person as a whole. All aspects of our life can show up in our bodies in illness and disease. Having a Health & Wellness center that can encompass many facets of someone’s health can only benefit her community in so many ways. 


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